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Introduction to Voice Overs FREE!


The history of voiceovers and an overview of the voiceover market including jobs available in Narration, Commercials and Animation. Plus YOU record a commercial script! CLICK HERE to Sign Up for Your FREE Introduction To Voice Overs Class!

Commercial Voice Over - Lesson 1
Pronunciation, Enunciation & Attitude


An examination of the skills of correct Pronunciation and Enunciation in voiceovers. A closer look at the Attitude required for each spot. Plus YOU record four commercials!
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Commercial Voice Over - Lesson 2
Variety, Sincerity and Timing


Two key aspects of voice Over: Variety and Sincerity. Timing in voice overs: pacing, reading to time, phrasing, pauses and beats. Plus YOU read four commercials and tag Lines!
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Commercial Voice Over - Lesson 3
Pitch, Volume & Tone; Advertising


Vocal Components: Pitch, Volume and Tone; Advertising 101: construction of a typical ad; more on Variety-how to voice lists of words, sentences and paragraphs. Plus YOU read four commercials!
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Commercial Voice Over - Lesson 4
More Variety: Word Stressing


Breathing, vocal warm-ups, more on VARIETY: word stressing to enhance meaning, referencing previous material, emphasizing parallel constructions. Plus YOU read four commercials!
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Commercial Voice Over - Lesson 5
Marking Copy plus Method Acting


Marking copy to enhance auditions and remember direction in jobs. Learn METHOD ACTING to create believable, sincere personas. Plus YOU read four commercials!
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Commercial Voice Over - Lesson 6
Modern Trends plus Technical Acting


History of acting and modern trends in Voice Overs. Learn TECHNICAL ACTING to portray phrase-by-phrase emotions. Plus YOU read four commercials!

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I want you to be confident that my classes are right for you. Purchase a class, watch the lessons and do the exercises.  If you don't feel that the class will improve your audition and performance skills, contact me within 30 days and I'll refund your purchase price, no questions asked.

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