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Evaluation Your Class Performance with SKYPE Coaching

How Do I Evaluate My Performance in an Online Class?

If you take a live class with me here in Burbank, California, I give you instant feedback on what's working and what needs to be improved. The online classes are different. I tell you how to do it and give you a clear example of the correct "read" but it is up to you to listen to evaluate your recordings to hear if you are achieving the desired performance.  By comparing your performance with the example performance you develop the skills required to grow in your voice over career.

Self Direction Is a Required Skill in Voice Overs

Back in the "good old days" you had a booth director that would tell youhow to improve your auditions.  Nowadays with internet auditions you have to "self direct" and know that your audition is what the client has in mind.

In the Online Classes You'll Learn Self-Direction and Self-Evaluation

In the classes I provide the instruction you need to acquire these self-directing skills. You learn about voice overs and all of the different changes you can do with your voice to communicate.

You'll start hearing more detail in the commercials you hear on the TV and radio.And then the world will be your teacher.

But Even a Pro Golfer Needs a Golf Coach

Why does a Pro Golfer need a golf coach?  Well, we can't evaluate ourselves.  So even if you're an experienced pro it's a good idea to work with a voice over coach. 

A good coach can listen to your performance, analyze it, and tell you in a matter of minutes what's working, and what needs to be improved and how to improve it.

So add this personal element back into your online training.

Individual Coaching via Phone Patch or Skype

For individualized instruction I offer one-on-one coaching sessions via Skype or phone patchThis session lasts for ONE HOUR and we'll cover instruction that is personalized to particular areas that you need to work on.  

You can be on mic at your home or I can record your voice (phone quality!) and the session will be available for you to download and listen to in the future. 

  • This more intense one-on-one training is available for $150.00 per session.
  • When you make your deposit we will schedule a coaching time that is mutually convenient.
  • You contact me via my Skype ID through Skype or call my phone patch number
  • IMPORTANT: Any cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance or your deposit will be forfeited.

Good Luck and Keep Talking!

William Williams

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